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The Jags' new practice facility is a sight to behold

Training camp is just a week away for the Jacksonville Jaguars, and fans will have a lot to look forward to. The players will have even more to look forward to as they take the field in the brand new Miller Electric Center, a 125,000-square-foot state-of-the-art training facility that competes with some of the best in the NFL. Construction began on the facility in January of 2022.

The Jags had their ribbon-cutting media tour on Tuesday with team owner Shad Khan, Jacksonville mayor Donna Deegan, and several other key figures speaking with the fans. And after a long process that took a collaborative effort from both the city and the Jaguars organization, Khan called the results "gratifying" as all parties saw one vision.

“Today is another example of vision becoming reality in Jacksonville,” said Khan on Tuesday. “But what makes this particularly gratifying is the vision certainly wasn’t mine alone. Our community, our city leadership, our football team and Miller Electric – everyone had the same vision and belief that we can do amazing things in Jacksonville. The best is still to come!”

Players and fans will now have amenities to enjoy that previously didn't exist in the area. Among the most notable features is a fully-shaded grandstand with 2,090 individual seats. The grandstand will also feature nine overhead fans to help keep onlookers cooler in the hot Florida sun.

Fans will also have two permanent concession stands, a grab-and-go kitchen-based stand, restrooms, and a 900-square-foot pro shop to use when attending training camp. The pro shop, which has quickly gained popularity amongst fans on social media, will be open during training camp for those who have tickets and on home game days.

The player amenities are even more impressive. When operating out of TIAA Bank Field, the team was working with about 50,000 square feet of space, which was the smallest total in the NFL and well under the league's average of 121,000 square feet. Now, they have twice as much space, with the Miller Electric Center building itself at about 124,767 square feet.

The building includes a 5,000-square-foot dining hall for players, coaches, and staff members. That includes a full-service kitchen, gas-fire pizza oven, buffet, self-serve bars, and more. Simply put, getting the proper nutrition will be easier than ever for the team as they will spend countless hours at the Miller Electric Center.

(Image credit: Jaguars PR department)

The facility also has a much more spacious weight room that is 9,420 square feet on the first floor, with an additional 1,910 square-foot upper deck that includes cardio equipment. The weight room is connected to the team's new indoor practice field, which is 96,113 square feet.

(Image credit: Jaguars PR department)

Like all NFL facilities, the Miller Electric Center has everything the Jags need for medical and recovery purposes, too. They now have two full-size medical examination rooms that include a dozen treatment tables, and six taping stations. Of course, the team also has a cryotherapy chamber, a staple for NFL facilities, with three hydrotherapy pools and much more.

(Image credit: Jaguars PR department)

Lastly, the players will get to enjoy a new locker room that includes 91 lockers, which will allow them to keep a full training camp roster in one area. Alongside it are the staples of any locker room: a sauna space, steam room, showers, and restrooms. Also next door to the locker room is a lounge (with an outdoor patio) that includes couches and recliners, televisions, a golf simulator, two barbershop chairs, and a ping pong table.

(Image credit: Jaguars PR department)

The completion of the Miller Electric Center now puts the Jags somewhere near the top of the league when it comes to NFL practice facilities. In an era where teams are now competing to get the top marks when it comes to player treatment, this should help the Jaguars move within the league's top-8 facilities.

(Image credit: Jaguars PR department)

In March, the NFLPA released survey results that graded several categories for all 32 teams, including locker room and stadium conditions among other notables. The Jags received one of the worst reports that included a D+ grade for their weight room and a D- for their locker room and training rooms. A big reason for that was because of a rat infestation in the laundry hampers and locker rooms that was later addressed. Ultimately, the team ranked 28th out of all 32 teams, with only four teams behind them.

(Image credit: Jaguars PR department)

In the Jags' defense, they had the wheels in motion to get a new facility before the survey was conducted, as negotiations with the city started in 2021 for a new facility. The approval for the facility was agreed upon in August of that year, with plans of splitting the cost 50-50.

The construction of their $120 million project also helps the Jags plan for their future stadium construction. The Jags were one of seven NFL teams headquartered in their stadium alongside San Francisco, Carolina, Houston, Green Bay, Cincinnati, and New England.

Now, they have a facility separate from the stadium and can move out for construction if a deal is approved to renovate TIAA Bank Field. While construction could take at least two years (depending on which plan they go with), the team thankfully has a home to operate from when the decision is made.

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