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Jaguars, Jacksonville Agree to $1.4 Billion Deal for Stadium Renovation Plan

Updated: May 19

(Photo credit: Jaguars PR)

Tuesday marked a historic day for the Jacksonville Jaguars and City of Jacksonville as both sides came to a framework deal for renovations for what is currently EverBank Stadium. The plan, known as the "Stadium of the Future," has been in the works since 2016. If passed, it will keep the team in Jacksonville for 30 more years through its lease, which has a non-relocation agreement. 

The agreement puts the Jaguars and the City of Jacksonville on the hook to contribute $625 million towards the project. The city of Jacksonville will also contribute $150 million beforehand to prepare the stadium for the major phases of construction. With the additional $150 million factored into the plans, it would put Jacksonville's contribution at $775 million, making the deal a 55/45 split overall, but a 50/50 split towards new construction. 

City council will vote on the plan by late June when 10 of 19 members need to approve. It would then be on the NFL's ownership group to approve it, which would require 24 of the 32 owners to approve. 

If approved, the Jags will begin the process of construction outside of the stadium in February or March, according to Jaguars president Mark Lamping. In 2026, the upper bowl would be closed due to construction that would need to be done on ramps on the south end of the stadium. The stadium would then be reduced to a capacity of 43,500 for that season, which covers most season ticket holders. Lastly, in 2027, the team would have to play outside of Jacksonville, with options like Gainesville and Orlando on the list of temporary homes. 

The renovations, engineered by HOK, feature a protective canopy that will provide shade for all seats in the stadium. With the Jags playing in a hot climate, it was the most demanded feature from fans, who've dealt with sweltering conditions over the years. 

The construction will also make the stadium more spacious, giving it a 185% increase in the main concourse area and a 260% increase in the upper concourse area. With wider concourses will come more food and beverage stations and more vertical transportation options for fans. Additional restrooms would be constructed along with renewed HVAC, plumbing, mechanical, and electric systems, too. 

Under the new deal, the Jags would continue to play one home game in London through the NFL's International Series. After 2025, they could play a second home game internationally every four years due to a separate agreement by the league where all teams must play in an international game within the aforementioned period. 

The deal also includes a community benefits agreement where the Jags and city will commit $150 million individually to the Jacksonville community. The Eastside neighborhood is one of the communities that has been mentioned for the agreement. The agreement would also impact other communities and parks in the Jacksonville area. 

The City of Jacksonville plans to pay its contribution using $600 million from a capital improvement program. They also want to use funds generated from an existing half-penny sales tax. 

With several city council meetings coming up, we'll have more details on these renovations as they become available.



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