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Phil Smith's 2024 Jaguars Mock Draft

With the 2024 NFL Draft looming, speculation and anticipation are reaching a fever pitch amongst fans. For the Jacksonville Jaguars, this year's draft holds immense significance as they seek to fortify their roster and prepare for the gauntlet that is the AFC. As the countdown to draft day intensifies, the Jaguars find themselves armed with an arsenal of picks, each representing a potential cornerstone for their franchise.

Upon analyzing the post-free agency landscape, Phil meticulously crafted his penultimate Mock Draft for the Jaguars, incorporating the latest insights and developments.

This four-round mock does not include any trades and was completed using Pro Football Network's Mock Draft Simulator.

Round 1 Pick 17 - Terrion Arnold (DB, Alabama)

I know for some reason there’s this discourse that the Jags shouldn’t take a defensive back in the first round because of the investments made into Ronald Darby and Darnell Savage, but let’s toss that out the window.

While there's a glimmer of hope that Tyson Campbell may rebound to his previous form in 2024, the unexpected regression witnessed in 2023 highlights the volatility inherent in relying solely on existing personnel. Maintaining the status quo with Campbell, Darby, and Montaric “Buster” Brown could prove detrimental if the opportunity arises to secure a transformative defensive back.

Enter Arnold, a prospect whose combination of football acumen and off-the-field influence could potentially elevate the Jaguars' secondary to unparalleled heights. Given his potential impact, Arnold stands out as the most talented addition to the secondary since the days of Jalen Ramsey. In light of this, it's imperative not to overanalyze the situation. If Arnold somehow slips past Indy, seizing the opportunity to draft him should become a no-brainer for the Jaguars.

Round 2 Pick 48 - Xavier Legette (WR, South Carolina)

Despite Xavier Legette's official height falling short of initial expectations, it's important to remember this — the tape. don’t. lie. 

Pick No. 48 will likely be out of reach for the other two receivers we mentioned in last week’s episode (Listen Here), but Trevor Lawrence’s need for a No. 1 receiver remains crucial. Legette has the tools to become that over time, as his tape with South Carolina showcased.

Legette demonstrated the ability to make remarkable catches throughout his tenure with the Gamecocks. That’s an added element the Jags could use when looking at the difference between their 2022 offense and their 2023 unit. With a diverse array of veteran talent within the wide receiver corps, Legette stands to benefit from their experience and expertise, further enhancing his development and contribution to the team.

Round 3 Pick 96 - DeWayne Carter (DL, Duke)

While the acquisition of Arik Armstead has undoubtedly bolstered the Jaguars' defensive front, there remains a prudent strategy of fortifying the interior defensive line further. This is what the Jags did in 2017, and it resulted in the franchise building the best defense in its history.

Enter Carter, an addition who not only provides depth to the lineup but adds versatility as well. Carter took 422 snaps in the B-gap in 2023 and also took over 100 outside the tackle, according to Pro Football Focus. This is a move that also makes sense to get a successor for Armstead in place, who is over 30 years old. 

Round 4 Pick 114 - Blake Fisher (OT, Notre Dame)

The uncertainty surrounding Cam Robinson's future with the team coupled with injury concerns for both him and Walker Little underscores the need for depth at the offensive tackle position. 

As the Jaguars potentially groom Anton Harrison as their future left tackle, securing a reliable backup or competition for Walker Little becomes imperative.

Fisher showcases promising attributes on tape, particularly excelling as a run-blocker. He has the potential to develop into a long-term starter while providing valuable insurance and competition along the offensive line.

Round 4 Pick 116 -Austin Booker (EDGE, Kansas)

While Pick No. 116 might seem like a stretch for Booker, his raw talent could dissuade teams from investing in him before the fourth round. However, Booker is a prospect that Trent Baalke would pounce on if available when factoring in his arm length (33 7/8).

Although his size may limit his effectiveness against the run, Booker possesses the potential to excel as a situational pass rusher, a role that K'Lavon Chaisson failed to fulfill. 

Should the Jaguars have doubts about the progress of last year's fifth-round pick, Yasir Abdullah, Booker could emerge as a valuable asset in Ryan Nielsen's defensive scheme.



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