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2023 NFL Draft: Tracking prospects who the Jags have met with

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

The 2023 NFL Draft is less than two weeks away, which means all 32 NFL teams and the prospects who've entered the annual event are closing in on the conclusion of meetings. Different from the past two seasons, the Jacksonville Jaguars won't have the luxury of picking first overall after making it to the postseason. They will be choosing from the No. 24 overall spot instead. That means their approach will be a little different than those of 2022 and 2023, but they still can come out of the draft with significant upgrades.

Like many teams, the Jags will enter the draft with several needs, though they have fewer than they've had in the past. Those needs include help for the defensive line, secondary, and tight end position, most notably, along with some other minor needs elsewhere. That said, the visits they've set are worth monitoring, although they aren't necessarily an indicator of what direction the team will go.

Thanks to several social media sources, we've been able to put together a list of all the known prospect meetings the Jags have had. So far it appears they've at least had some type of meetings with 20 prospects, though the list will continue to grow up until the draft. Here are the names who've the Jags have met with so far as we close in on the Draft Day:

(H/T to Twitter users @JC_DTWP and @Kylecuse315. Both of their respective lists were put together to make the one below. Media sources for all meetings are linked.)

Prospect visits



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